Give the gift of unique experiences, lasting friendships, and lifelong memories by signing up for a week of non-stop fun, science, behind-the-scenes access, and of course, flight simulator instruction. 

Eagle Aviation Camps offer children entering grades 2 through 12 a week-long experience in flight and STEM! Our camps focus on the science, history, engineering and careers of aviation. Camps are age-appropriate and include in-depth explorations, hands-on builds and activities, science experiments, field trips, programs, presentations, behind the scene tours and much more!

Registrations for the Summer of 2020 are open! Click here to register.

CR Smith Museum
Attn: Marie Eve Harris
4601 Hwy 360
Fort Worth, TX 76155



Camp Dates & Descriptions

Eagle Basecamp

Entering Grades 2-3: June 8-12  (Week 1 – Waitlist only)   

Our youngest campers discover the science of flight through hands-on experiments, fun engineering challenges, field trips, flight simulator training, and the creative use of technology. From uncovering surprising properties of air to engineering a sound wave machine, from exploring the basics of lift and aerodynamics, this camp is the perfect introduction to the amazing and often surprising world of flight!

Eagle Launchpad

Entering Grades 4-6:  June 15-19  (Week 2 – Waitlist Only)    or   July 20-24   (Week 6)

Campers get hands on with workshops on flight engineering, flight simulator training and rocketry (to only name a few), and will participate in field trips where they will see and experience some real-world applications of the concepts uncovered during workshops.  “Junior pilots” will not only learn about flight instruments and controls, but will also develop their critical thinking skills by exploring fun applications of energy and energy transfers. From engineering an hydraulic lift to making edible comets, this camp is the perfect launching pad for aviation and space enthusiasts!

Airline Bootcamp

Entering Grades 7-9: June 22-26  (Week 3 – Waitlist Only)  or   July 27-July 31 (Week 7 – Waitlist Only)

This camp will dive deeper into aviation and its “best kept secrets”. Campers will participate in workshops on flight engineering, flight planning, beginner and advanced flight simulations, airliner operations and more!  New this year, campers will have the option of participating in flight training “bootcamp”. They will learn fun and hands-on skills that will build their confidence and help them prepare for the pilot knowledge and skill test. Campers will also experiment with alternative energies, will engineer an automated wrapping machine, and will explore airline related careers. Campers will even get the opportunity to share their passion for aviation and their knowledge of the airline industry by making fun and educational videos for Museum guests.  Are you up for the challenge?

Airline Academy

Entering Grades 9-12: July 6-10  (Week 4)

With this camp, sky isn’t the limit, it’s only the beginning! From pilots to flight attendants, from engineers to IT specialists, from graphic designers to chefs, career opportunities in the aviation field are almost endless! In addition to participating in hands-on flight simulations and engineering workshops, campers will learn first-hand from aviation professionals about some of the careers involved in airline operations and will acquire some “real-world” training that will last them a lifetime. Campers will gain resume-building skills as they compete to solve a problem inspired by real challenges in the airline industry and will put their talents to good use. This camp is the perfect segue into the next chapter of their life and will surely ignite passions and dreams of flight!


General Information

Each camp will be limited to 18 participants. Camps must have at least 14 registrations to be held.

Our camps are a great opportunity for your child to experience a one-of-a-kind adventure into the world of aviation. Below is general information about the week:

  • No prior camp attendance or aviation knowledge is required to attend any of our summer camps.
  • The cost for each week of camp is $350 for Non-Members. Museum Members get a $25 discount.
  • Camp begins at 9:00 AM and ends at 4:00 PM. The Museum offers extended hours from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM and from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM, for an additional fee.
  • Parents/students are responsible for transportation each day to and from the CR Smith Museum. The Museum will provide transportation to and from field trip sites as applicable.
  • The Museum will provide morning and afternoon snacks, as well as bottled water. Campers will be responsible for bringing their own lunch.
  • Registration includes an Eagle Aviation T-shirt and goodie bag.

A Cancellation Fee of $50 applies for cancellations before 5/01/2020 and $100 thereafter. No refunds will be issued for cancellations 7 days or less prior to the beginning of registered camp.

If you have any questions please contact

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