Field Trips

Field Trips are suitable for grades K-12 and may be scheduled at any time. Please view our Education Guide for detailed field trip information including program descriptions and TEKS alignment (forthcoming).

Admission is $4 for students and adults (groups of 15 or more).

Be your own guide and download our Museum Facilitators Guide to better explain each of our exhibitions to your students. This guide also includes learning opportunities for each section.

To help enhance your students’ visit of the Museum, we can also provide you with a grade appropriate Exploration Guide (upon request).

STEM Workshops

Enhance your field trip experience by allowing students to get even more hands-on in our Flight Science Workshops. Museum staff and volunteers will dive deeper into the science, engineering, technology and math of flight. Education Guide 2020

Workshops must be reserved at least two weeks in advance and may be limited due to availability and group size. Limit of 30 students per workshop. 45-60 minute program. Larger groups may schedule multiple workshops during their visit. Workshops are an additional $5 per student. You will find all of the important information about our STEM programs in our Education Guide 2020.

Wind Tunnel Testing (Grades K-5)

In this 45-minute program, students will discover some of the most important forces involved in flight and their impact on the design of an aircraft. Through engaging live demonstrations and a hands-on engineering challenge, students will discover how aeronautical engineers use wind tunnels to design, tests, and refine their designs.

The Science of Air and Weather (Grades 2-4)

In this 45-minute program, students will discover some of the properties of air and how these properties affect flight. Through engaging live demonstrations, experiments, and a hands-on build, students will be introduced to the water cycle and will discover what pilots and meteorologists have in common!

Build a Communication Network (Grades 3-5)

In this 45-minute program, students will discover some properties of sounds, signals, and sensors. Aircraft are equipped with a wide variety of communication systems to allow pilots to gain information about their surroundings. In this workshop, students will plan and build a simple communication network to send a signal in multiple directions to multiple people.

Engineer a Long Spanning Wing (Grades 4-8)

Have you ever wondered what the inside of an airplane wing looks like?  In this 45-to-60- minute program, students step into the shoes of aeronautical engineers and are challenged to design and build a 3D airplane wing which must be both lightweight and durable. Students will uncover the concepts of load paths, gravitational energy, and lift.

 Power a Plane Using Stored Energy (Grades 5-8)

In this 45-minute program, students will briefly review the forces involved in flight as well as basic concepts of potential and kinetic energy. They will then be challenged to design, build, test and improve a 3D plane prototype powered by using the energy stored inside a rubber band. Through their trials, they will gain important understanding regarding the role of the various parts of an aircraft.

Design a plane painting machine (Grades 6-8)

Painting a plane’s fuselage does much more than to simply identify the airline it belongs to! In this 60-minute workshop, students will uncover the science behind fuselage maintenance and will invent, build, and test a plane “painting machine” that will challenge their engineering and design skills.

 Build a Safe-Stopping Robot (Grades 8-10)

The airline industry provides many great applications and examples of the collaboration between humans and machines. In this 60 minutes workshop, students will step into the shoes of airline electrical engineers and will put their understanding of open and closed electrical circuits to the test. They will be challenged to create a simple robot equipped with a safe-stop mechanism. This challenge is not easy, but it is a great way to help your students gain perception of self-efficacy with basic circuitry!

Special Experiences

Flight Simulators ($100/h)

(Grades 3 and up)

Are you looking to add a “wow!” factor to your school’s visit which also has the potential to ignite dreams of flight in your students? You can now add an hourly rental of our flight simulators to your visit! Students can slide into the cockpit seats and take the controls of a virtual flight on our triple

panel screens flight simulators operating with FAA approved-for-training software used by many licensed pilots. Students may even have the chance to experience a Virtual Reality flight. (Based on availability).  The airline industry is booming and pilots are in very high demand, this experience could be life-changing for your students!

The rental fee includes exclusive unlimited access to the flight simulator stations and one sims instructor. Individual student time on the sims will vary based on the size of your group. An additional instructor may be necessary based on your group size (additional fee applies).

30-Minute Guided Tour ($30/group)

(Grades 5 and up)

Want to learn more about the artifacts on display? Want to give your students an “insider’s” perspective on our exhibits? You can schedule a 30 minute tour with one of our Museum experts who can tell you more about our history, our collections, and/or careers in the aviation industry. A great tie into social studies curriculum!  The maximum number of students per tour group is limited to 30.


Outreach Programs

The CR Smith Museum is growing wings and bringing the science of flight to your classroom or event. With two convenient formats to best fit the needs of your organization, the Museum’s traveling STEM activities or workshops will help your event soar to new heights! Consult our Education Guide for a description of our available Outreach Programs.

Cost: $125 for the first hour
$75 for each additional hour

Travel Fee: 0-20 miles FREE; 21-30 miles $30

Please contact or call 817-967-5911 to inquire about or to schedule a field trip, workshop, outreach program or to learn more about education opportunities at the Museum.