Field Trips

Field Trips are suitable for grades K-12 and may be scheduled at any time. Please view our Education Guide for detailed field trip information including program descriptions and TEKS alignment (forthcoming).

Prices for field trips and field trip programs are $4 for all adult chaperones. Admission for students is $3. Limited funding is available for Title 1 schools (only available through the end of 2018 at this time) that may be used to help cover field trip and outreach programs. Please contact us for more information about funding.

Be your own guide and download our Museum Educators Guide to view topics and themes you and your students can focus on in our historic, interactive and hands-on exhibits.

STEM Workshops

Enhance your field trip experience by allowing students to get even more hands-on in our Flight Science Workshops. Museum staff and volunteers will dive deeper into the science, engineering, technology and math of flight. Workshops must be reserved at least two weeks in advance and may be limited due to availability and group size. Limit of 30 students per workshop. 45-60 minute program. Larger groups may schedule multiple workshops during their visit.

Wind Tunnel Testing (grades K-5) – 45 minute program

Students will discover the principles of air, air pressure and the forces that affect flight through an engaging live demonstration, hands-on experiments and an engineering challenge. Also, learn how aerospace engineers use wind tunnels to design and test flight. Students will then be put to the test to design their own hovercraft in our Museum wind tunnels.

Power a Plane Using Stored Energy (grades 5-8) – 45-60 minute program

Students will learn the different parts of an airplane and design their own glider. After a short lesson on potential and kinetic energy, students will then be challenged to power their plane using stored energy. Students will also learn about th

Engineer a Long Spanning Wing (grades 3-6) – 45-60 minute program

Students will discover the materials, frame and design needed to engineer a long aircraft wing. While airplanes need to be strong, they also need to be lightweight. Put your students to the test to try and build a durable, yet lightweight wing through this hands-on program.

Lightweight Airplane Wing (grades 5-8) – 45-60 minute program

Students will build a lightweight wing structure that is 12 inches long and can hold up a heavy load (weight) without deflecting.

Airline Command Center Extended (grades 7-12) – 60 minute program          LAUNCHING SOON

During this Museum program, students will first learn about the jobs and roles that run the American Airlines flight operation and the career paths for those careers. Students will then analyze how weather and other circumstances impact the airline industry through the Airline Command Center exhibit. Students will think critically and find solutions based on real world scenarios faced in the airline industry.

Outreach Programs

Most programs can be done as an Outreach Program at your school! Contact us for more information.

Contact information

Please contact to inquire about or schedule a field trip, workshop, outreach program or to learn more about education opportunities at the museum.