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SPIN is an exciting exhibit that explores the fun – and science – of objects that rotate. Using interactive exhibits and real-life examples, visitors can explore how objects spin, why things spin at different speeds and how we use spinning objects in our daily lives.

Guests of all ages will be fascinated to learn the science behind spinning toys, sports, transportation, space travel, entertainment – and even the Universe itself. At 1,500 square feet, SPIN includes 15 unique exhibit areas, including:

  • The Human Centrifuge: Heads will spin as up to four guests sit in this innovative tub and push against a fixed wheel to explore how inertia works. Children and grownups alike will want to sit and spin to investigate how their efforts impact the effects of inertia. 

  • Let It Roll: Guests are encouraged to join in friendly competition as they race various objects along the tracks. Who will win the race? Switch out objects by size and weight to explore how these changes impact the way things spin.

  • Laser Show: A laser light show is about more than just a rockin’ sound track! Guests will find out the science behind this visual entertainment by creating their very own mini laser show.


SPIN was produced with funding from the National Science Foundation and is designed to be interactive, intuitive and engaging. The exhibit components encourage conversation between family members and guests – an essential ingredient for learning and strengthening family and community relationships.

“The interactive nature of this exhibit creates natural opportunities for families and guests to play together and talk about what they experience. This environment encourages guests explore science concepts in a friendly and engaging way. When science is explained through fun, interactive activities that guests can relate to, their understanding increases and intimidation about science decreases,” said Angie Gofredo, Director of Development at the CR Smith Museum.

SPIN will be on display at the CR Smith Museum January 18 - May 3, 2014. 



Permanent Exhibits

Entrance Exhibits

In the Museum lobby is a striking sculpture of a bald eagle with the message "Thanks C.R." The sculpture was created by American Airlines Captain Zandy Carter and presented to the museum. There are also models of the aircraft currently operated by American Airlines and American Eagle, surrounding a globe indicating the airline's worldwide destinations.

History Wall

The History Wall combines hundreds of historic objects with interactive videos, electronic quiz games and audio exhibits that document American Airlines history through the years.


Learn how and why airplanes fly, with wind tunnels, computer games and interactive displays explaining the basics of aerodynamics.

C.R. Smith

Photographs, awards and other memorabilia give a biographical sketch of C.R. Smith's milestones and achievements. "Mr. C.R." was instrumental in the design of the DC-3 and in shaping the airline industry during his many years as chief executive.

Spirit of American Movie

Catch the "Spirit…" at the C.R. Smith Museum. The Spirit of American is presented in Digital High Definition on a huge 42' X 36' screen. The movie takes viewers from the dream of commercial aviation as C.R. Smith envisioned it and follows the history of a young American Airlines to the present day. It reflects the spirit of pioneering aviators, the spirit of our country and the incredible spirit of one of the best commercial airlines in the world, American Airlines. Narrated by James Garner, Spirit of American's title song is performed by Michael Bolton. A DVD of the movie is available in the Museum Gift Shop.

Maintaining the Fleet

See how American Airlines mechanics maintain today's highly complex airplanes. This exhibit includes a gigantic General Electric CF6 engine from the McDonnell Douglas MD-11

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